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Auto Repair Shop and Mechanical Work in Lubbock, Texas

Allow our team of professionals to equip your vehicle with the most incredible automotive repair services in the Lubbock area. If you own a vehicle that is simply in need of routine maintenance or needs extensive repair, we are the company for you. Our auto repair shop offer clients with affordable services, and honest results for their car repair needs. If you start experiencing issues like humming, leaking fluid, or burning smells, you may be in need of urgent transmission repairs.

In addition to our transmission repairs, we also offer affordable auto repairs such as brake pad replacements, vehicle inspection, oil change, battery replacement or exhaust repairs, we are the team for you. Each of our certified mechanics is guaranteed to provide you with the automotive repair services that you seek. If you are in the Lubbock area call us today at (806) 749-8733 and learn more about our incredible offers, and outstanding customer service.

Vehicle Transmission Service

Transmission Replacements

If you are driving down the road and start experiencing issues like humming or whining noises, burning smells, delayed response time, or gear slipping you may need a transmission replacements. Our full service mechanics offer clients with incredible transmission replacements to meet your budget, and exceed customer satisfaction.

Brake Service Technician

Brake Services

It is critical as the owner of a vehicle to receive routine brake inspections. On the road failed brakes can result in serious collision and injuries for you, passengers, and other drivers on the road. Our team offers caliper and rotor inspections, as well as brake pad replacements to meet your specific needs.

Vehicle Electrical Service

Electrical Services

If you are like many other drivers in the world, you may have forgotten to turn off your headlights at one time or another. Our team can provide you with dependable fuse replacements, and car battery charges or replacements. Other common auto electrical service needs include window regulator replacement and motor repairs.

Auto Air Conditioning Service

Auto A/C and Cooling System

Our team of professionals is guaranteed to provide you with exceptional auto air conditioning and cooling system repairs. Common issues that may occur are a clogged or leaking condenser, as well as compressor malfunctions. We can refill your Freon, and check your deck switches as well. Allow our team to provide you with the best auto cooling system repairs.

Automotive Mechanic

General Auto Repair

If you find yourself in need of general automotive repair shop, we are the team for you. We offer simple services such as oil change, fluid fills, vehicle inspection, and routine brake maintenance. Each of our qualified mechanics is guaranteed to provide you with incredible results on your general auto repair needs.

Exhaust Service Mechanic

Exhaust Repair

Delayed exhaust repair can result in extensive damage to your engine. It is critical to receive immediate exhaust repairs when you experience loud vibrations, increased exhaust volume, and lowered fuel efficiency. We offer a variety of services that include exhaust manifold repair as well as exhaust gasket replacements.

Charging System Mechanic

Charging Systems

In addition to our variety of other automotive repair services, we guarantee to provide each of our clients with the best charging system services. If you find that you are experiencing issues with your alternator, battery, or need battery cables to jump start your car, we are the team. We work tirelessly to get your vehicle up and running in no time.

Auto Mechanic


Tuneups are a critical part in owning a vehicle. Routine auto maintenance is done to insure the condition of your vehicle and prolong its life for many years to come. We offer tune ups for visual inspection of fluid leaks, fluid checks, and any other issues that may cause extensive damage if ignored.

Fluid Check Mechanic

Fluid Checks

It is important with newer vehicles to receive the most fluid checks beneath your vehicle. This ensures that your transmission, power steering, window wash, brakes and antifreeze liquids are all sufficiently clean and filled. This not only prolongs the life of your vehicle, but ensures that none of these systems will surprise you with issues.

Automotive Tow


Our towing services offer clients with incapable of driving vehicles with fast and dependable transportation. We utilize our wrecker to transport your vehicle from its location to our affordable auto repair shop. This small additional costs can be much more affordable than other local towing services.

Automotive Car Service

Visual Inspections

With our visual inspection services, our mechanics will search for visible signs of wear, tear, or fluid leaks. This simple service can save the life of your vehicle! We offer visual inspection of air pressure, brakes, cooling, A/C system and exhaust systems. Allow our honest team of professionals to locate issues before they acquire extensive repairs!

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